SPEX PPT Asia 2015 + 2016

“How can I share our collective vision of a clean energy future?”

Client: Shell Philippines Exploration B.V.
Scope: Live Visual Summaries, Collateral Design, Infographics


Powering Progress Together (PPT) is a series of conferences that spark new thinking on challenges facing our world’s vital resources.

From 2014 to 2016, the Asian arm of the conference was hosted in Manila, each year building on the previous year’s discussion on innovative solutions and collaborative actions. Shell Philippines gathered the best minds from business, government, and society to engage in inspiring and thought-provoking discussions on challenges and opportunities facing the world today.

From 2015 to 2016, Pushpin was brought in to create visuals that were designed to complement the high-level intellectual discussions by providing a more emotive dimension to the proceedings. Where the speakers painted a collective vision for a sustainable future with their words, Pushpin aimed to bring that vision to life with visuals.


Rather than have one illustrated canvas for each speaker, Pushpin decided to capture the entire event in one canvas.

What this highlighted instead is the inter-connectedness of topics and discussions, where each speaker builds on or responds to the previous one. The result is a canvas that draws connections, surfaces recurring themes, and draws a coherent image of the event as a whole.

For 2016, the final year that Manila was hosting PPT Asia, Pushpin created an additional visual that also highlighted the interconnectedness of the three events themselves—from 2014’s theme of water-energy-food stress nexus, to 2015’s resilience and urbanization, to 2016’s sustainable future. This was shared online prior to the event, to show how 2-16’s PPT Asia was a true climax to the past three years’ worth of work.

We also draw a visual canvas on 2016, during the event itself, where we attempted to visualize the Smart City of the Future. This drawing, was, by end of the event, printed out on a shirt and given to the attendees. The shirt, containing something we just draw then and there, garnered immediate reactions of amazement and amusement. “We just saw you drawing on the wall over there!”



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