Nine Cups

“How can I generate a wealth of social media marketing content on a small budget?”

Client: Nine Cups
Date: November 12, 2016
Scope: Live Visual Summaries, Content Marketing


Nine Cups was faced with the challenge of generating quality visual content on a budget.

As an Ortigas-based coffee shop that was just starting out, Nine Cups sought to leverage the power of social media to grow their customer base. As part of that strategy, they needed to create content marketing materials that depicted and explained their products and processes. They also sought to share their mission to spread their joy and love for memorable coffee moments with as wide an audience as possible.

Pushpin was then brought onboard to come up with a creative way to generate a mass of quality visual content on a limited budget, and in a short amount of time.


Pushpin proposed a graphic harvesting session as a way of generating content.

A one-day harvesting session was proposed as an alternative to the typical process of conceptualizing, developing, and paying for visual content on a per item basis.

During the session, client sat down and discussed Nine Cups’ various coffee products, processes, and techniques, while we captured key points, quotes, and other information into bite-sized visual materials. All this took place during an afternoon cupping session, where Nine Cups also took the opportunity to invite other key online influencers to attend. Afterwards, the digital canvases were cleaned up, with care taken to mirror the brand’s visual identity in developing the materials.

The result? Three months’ worth of content on great coffee experiences, generated in an afternoon.

Photo 24-01-2017, 12 04 46 PM
Photo 24-01-2017, 12 04 37 PM
Photo 24-01-2017, 12 04 33 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 44 18 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 46 58 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 46 52 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 46 49 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 46 08 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 45 04 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 45 09 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 45 48 PM
Photo 23-11-2016, 3 46 01 PM


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Credit: coffee photo from Nine Cups