JSP Program Poster

“How can we differentiate from typical conference information displays?”

Client: Japanese Studies Program - Ateneo de Manila University
Website: ateneo.edu
Date: October 2016
Scope: Publications, Infographics


The Japanese Studies Program wanted to stand out from the pack.

Ateneo de Manila University’s Japanese Studies Program participated in the International Conference on Japanese Language Education held in Malaysia last October 2016. As part of an academic exhibit, they asked Pushpin for help in coming up with an eye-catching poster about their study, Teaching Business Japanese. They wanted something that was different from the usual text-heavy displays, densely-packed with information that would either take audiences a long time to read through, or that they would simply gloss over.


Pushpin illustrated a poster that captured key ideas from their study.

Since the exhibit would always have someone present who can provide further detail, the poster could focus on just the highlights, and spur further discussion and questions from audiences.

We made use of more straightforward vignettes instead of conceptual icons, to better ideas with clarity for a mixed background audience. Bright colors were selected to help it stand out from other displays.


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