Asia Clean Energy Forum 2016

“How can I facilitate discussions within a multi-sectoral, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural gathering?”

Client: Asian Development Bank
Scope: Visual Facilitation, Live Visual Summaries


Visuals played a key role in engaging in meaningful discussion a highly diverse group of stakeholders from the clean energy space.

The Asia Clean Energy Forum, Asias premier networking and knowledge-sharing event for Clean Energy and Renewable Energy in Asia, marked its 11th year last June 5-8, 2016. As part of the pre-event proceedings, Asian Development Bank and the California Clean Energy Fund held the New Energy Nexus Accelerator Retreat followed by a Deep-Dive Workshop that sought to invite collaborations and share experiences and best practices in setting up accelerators and incubators. The New Energy Nexus Accelerator Retreat, a three-day gathering in the Henry Hotel Manila of around 30 participants asked the question, “How can we best accelerate clean energy startups everywhere?” The deep-dive workshop, entitled Scaling Cleantech: What It Really Takes brought together more than 20 leading cleantech accelerators, incubators, and investors to discuss what it really takes to grow cleantech businesses, and explore how business and government sectors can work together to create stronger, nurturing systems for cleantech entrepreneurs.

Pushpin was asked to support the process using our visual tools, to help manage the complexity, and capture conversations and key learnings coming out of the deep-dive workshop. The aim is to foster better clarity and understanding amongst a highly diverse audience, by visualizing abstract concepts, surfacing recurring themes and key insights, and taking note of agreements and commitments.


Pushpin collaborated with the event hosts in providing a variety of visual facilitation services throughout the event.

For the retreat, Pushpin provided large-scale visual summaries of the proceedings, measuring 3 feet by 10 yards in size. It depicted the participants’ collective three-day journey, and highlighted key learnings, agreements, and commitments. We also created visual spaces for interaction among the participants, such as a community board where participants could post what kind of support they are looking for, as well as what support they can offer. We also created hand-drawn infographics and other visual materials over the course of the retreat that participants used as a springboard for further discussion.

For the deep-dive workshop, Pushpin created large-format visual summaries, drawn on 3’ x 5’ sintra boards, showing a visual summary of the introduction (Why Cleantech Entrepreneurs are Important), presentations (What It Takes To Scale Cleantech), group discussions (Supporting Cleantech Entrepreneurs), and panel discussions (From Talk to Action).



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