ADB Green Business Forum

“How can we help conference attendees maximize learning in conferences with multiple simultaneous sessions?”

Client: Asian Development Bank
Date: November 22-24, 2016
Scope: Live Visual Summaries, Visual Facilitation


The Asian Development Bank was hosting the first-ever Green Business Forum for Asia and the Pacific.

The event, which happened last November 22-24, 2016, was a landmark gathering of professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and key stakeholders to share knowledge and identify opportunities for green business solutions in the region.

Pushpin was brought on board to create visual materials that aimed for the following objectives: 1) to clarify ideas shared during the forum in consideration of a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-national audience; 2) to maximize knowledge-sharing among the attendees by capturing and sharing key insights from three simultaneous breakout sessions; 3) to create “discussion hubs” around the visuals for further engagement and discussion.


Pushpin created live visual summaries of the plenary sessions and two parallel tracks.

The visual summaries were created digitally, using iPads, and were instantly uploaded to large LCD touchscreens placed along the hallways and corridors so that attendees could review the content. The visuals were also uploaded and shared online via social media, compiled into a souvenir PDF, and will be included as part of the forum’s proceedings publication.

As part of the concluding plenary, Pushpin also provided an animated timelapse video, cobbled together from visual material generated during the event. It sought to summarize and highlight key themes and best practices.

Investment Opportunities for Nature-based Tourism
Innovation and Green Business
Greening Industry
Certification and Labels
Mitigation Banking


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