ADB Community Driven Development Summation Workshop

“How can we support communities in articulating their insights and sharing them with key stakeholders and policy makers?”

Client: Asian Development Bank
Date: January 14-15, 2016
Scope: Live Visual Summaries, Visual Facilitation


The Community-Driven Development (CDD) Summation Workshop is part of Asian Development Bank’s technical assistance project designed to support the operationalization of CDD projects in the region.

Ahead of the two-day workshop held on January 14-15, 2016 at ADB HQ, a contingent of representatives from Timor, Indonesia, and Malaysia visited a municipality in Palawan to learn about CDD systems and approaches. The goal for the trip, and for the workshop, was to facilitate cross-country sharing of experiences on best practices and approaches.

The workshop itself involved a series of formal presentations followed by breakout discussions where participants divided into five, inter-country focus groups. To aid in the discussion, Pushpin has been asked to provide visual facilitation work, both during the pre-workshop field trip, and the workshop itself.


Pushpin joined the contingent to Palawan to visually record discussions with various members of the community.

Conversations were made with local government officials on inter-agency collaborations, and with residents on empowerment through volunteerism. These discussions were captured as visual summaries, drawn live and in real-time, where the visuals presented an opportunity for further clarification and on-the-spot fact-checking. The finished visual was cleaned up and placed on display throughout the two-day summation workshop.

The workshop was structured as a series of formal presentations followed by breakout discussions. Five groups would each engage in simultaneous breakout discussion revolving around a trigger question. We assigned one illustrator for each of the five groups to capture key insights and surface themes and agreements. The outputs—A3-sized visual summaries—were then shared with the other participants for further discussion and knowledge exchange. The visuals were also included as part of the proceedings documentation.



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