Ideas. Made to stick.

We are a Manila-based creative consultancy that specializes in hand-drawn visualizations of ideas, processes, conversations, etc. We take text-heavy content and turn them into clear, concise, and engaging visually-driven materials. We also capture the ephemeral—conferences, lectures, strategy planning—and turn them into powerful visual summaries.

Our Team

We started in 2013 with four partners from multidisciplinary backgrounds, armed with a talent for visual thinking and passion for learning.

Partner, Chief Visual Consultant

Elbert teaches Information Design in Ateneo de Manila University, and facilitates workshops on innovation and design thinking for multi-national corporations. He is also an internationally-published comic book creator, and is one of the pioneering graphic facilitators in the Philippines.

He is devoted to, in no particular order: his wife and baby boy, dinosaurs, the Beatles, Marvel Comics, and Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton.

Partner, Chief Design Officer

Claudine is an illustrator, graphic designer, and visual artist. Her journey as a graphic facilitator started during her senior year in college when she created Sketchofrenzy–a website focused on teaching high school students the basics of visual note-taking as her thesis project.

When she’s not busy working or painting wordless stories, Claudine spends her free time reading fiction novels, sipping coffee, and enjoying the company of her seven cats.

Partner, Creative Consultant

Lorra specializes in hand-lettering and watercolor art, occassionally blogs on, and has published work through OMF Literature and Tahanan Books.

She is also discovering the magical world of baby-rearing and breastfeeding, enjoying good coffee while at it, and often checking plane fares and Airbnb with dreams of continuing to experience the world.

Our Clients

We support communications, learning, and development initiatives for clients in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.


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