The Art and Science of Powerful Presentations

Once in a while, we get requests to share our knowledge and skills in the form of training sessions and workshops. In the past we’ve ran workshops on visual thinking and communication, design thinking and innovation, and (of course) graphic recording and facilitation.

We also recently got the privilege to conduct a program on putting together powerful presentations over two days. It was a hands-on, experiential workshop where participants got to develop a presentation they will be giving at work from initial idea to final delivery.

Jim Endicott’s Presentation Ecosystem, from his Presentation Survival Skills Guide

Throughout the first day they practiced articulating their big idea, and getting to know their audience and how they can tailor their presentations to maximize impact. They explored the various ways they can tap their visual thinking skills to develop their presentations as well.

On the second day, they were introduced to the three elements of effective slide design: visual elements, composition, and movement. They also applied these to the slides they were working on, before ending the day with some practice time delivering the presentations, and sharing with each other tips and techniques for how to more effectively speak in front of an audience, overcoming anxiety and jitters, and how they can continue to improve their respective skills.


You can check out a PDF summary of the two-day workshop, or download the various animation/movement slides we used during the workshop.

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