Here’s What We Learned During Talent Management Asia 2017

The Human Resource Department remains to be a key stakeholder in developing employees, building an organization’s culture, and driving businesses forward.

With that in mind, having HR personnel who are aware of updated strategies and techniques in assisting in an organization’s growth and internal development is vital! The organizers of Talent Management Asia (TMA) have taken that to heart and, since 2013, have been holding conferences all around Asia in order to create a space for HR professionals to share ideas and learn about current trends and best practices. This year, the organizers decided to bring TMA to the Philippines, planning out plenaries and keynote presentations from well-known gurus in the HR field.


TMA attendees pose for a groufie with speaker Sheer Majumdar and his visual summary.


Professionals from local and international companies flocked to SMX Aura last March 23 to attend this whole-day event, and we were there all throughout to assist in the learning. Our team members Elbert and Claudine provided live visual summaries of all keynote and panel speakers, presenting the boards as tokens to each speaker right after each of them finished their talk. With so many speakers, we were able to form a visual summary tower by the end of the day!


The busy bee. Elbert doing a visual summary of one of the keynote speakers.


Claudine and Elbert with the first few visual summaries of the day.


While seeing the participants engage and go through the visual summaries was well-worth the hard work, another benefit will always be the information we take away from every event.

Here are some of our favorite quotable quotes from TMA 2017:

Understanding the wider picture helps us look for a meaningful solution. – Phil Smithson

A good leader evens things and differences out. Encourage. Expect the best. Stimulate work. Communicate well. – Hiyasmin Mattison

Years of service do not necessarily equate to irrespective of generation, competency and skills matter. – Ethel Odilao

HR has three major roles: as reactors, anticipators, and partners. Always strive to be partners! – Irene Palattao

At the heart of culture is trust. Motivate change, lay the foundation, monitor behavior, monitor and improve. – Donna Grande

Culture eats strategy for breakfast! – Sheel Majumdar

Drive a performance culture through engagement. – Michelle Rubio

The market we work in is really fast. Mobility is the way of the future. – Grace Arceveno

The execution of your People Strategy has to be implemented by the whole organization with your CEO as your conductor. – Xavier Aboitiz

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