Graphic Recording in a Nutshell

“Don’t just say it, show it!”
– Pushpin Visual Solutions

When friends, family, or colleagues come up to us asking what we do, we simply say, “Among other things, we do live graphic recording!”. Usually we’re met with a polite smile as they reply, “Oh hey. That’s cool! What’s that mean?”

We’re not fazed, and it’s no insult to us since Graphic Recording is still a rising part of the creative industry here in the Philippines; however, its about time we tell you more about it.


As fellow graphic recorder Jessamy Gee of Think in Colour writes, “‘Graphic Recording’ describes the process of visually capturing and organising information in a meaningful and engaging way (using drawings, typography, shapes and text), in real time.

To some, this may sound like simply prettifying and doodling in information, but that’s not the case. Graphic Recording comes in handy during conferences, trainings, planning sessions, and any other event that requires engaging and educating an audience or community. More than just illustrations, Gee says, the process “is a powerful tool for analysis, dialogue, problem solving, decision-making, brainstorming, and planning.

The benefits? Audience engagement, added information retention, stakeholder impact, and clarity of thought to name a few! It’s a lot to take in, but the benefits – not to mention the opportunities that come with those benefits – are endless. All in all, the combination of words and imagery move towards uniting speaker, listener, and reader – a unity that’s very much needed in this fast-paced, VUCA, and visual world we live in.

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