Graphic Harvesting: Impactful Visuals Done Quickly

As much as we all know that the conceptualization and design of impactful visual material can take a whole lot of time, effort, and communication, some businesses just don’t have the time nor the capacity to set meetings and deals with design houses, nor do they have the manpower to create their own works.
So what does your company have do to get the help you need? Don’t worry. Graphic harvesting is something that could do you a whole lot of good!

Graphic harvesting is a process in which we listen and adapt information that our client gives us into bite-sized nuggets of digital visual output, ready for you to disseminate. Believe it or not, most of the communication and approval made between us and the client happens in 1 whole day alone.

What we do first is sit down with you for a couple of hours while you share information that you want to promote or emphasize. It can be anything from your business’ history, products and services, to quotable quotes, slogans, and even promos should you have any.


A few finished outputs from the graphic harvesting we did with Nine Cups, briefly describing some of their quality coffee bean products.


Once information’s been shared, we go about prepping up drafts and a more refined list of ideas, quotes, and content to visualize. By the end of that day, all you need to do is make sure that all that data is sound. With your go signal, our team will digitally illustrate everything and send in the finished visual material as JPEG or PNG image files, or as rudimentary time lapse MP4 video files after 3 days tops.

Depending on the density of information that you give us, our team can generate at least 2 months’ worth of weekly visual content that you can present on both print and digital platforms!


Some finished outputs from a graphic harvesting session we did with GMO’s to help educate their stakeholders on how to create their own unique site, and how can help them do it.


Check out our illustration below to give you a better picture of the graphic harvesting process!

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