Sketchofrenzy (Or, How To Learn Better By Taking Visual Notes)

With the amount of information that students have to absorb in their various classes every day, it’s unsurprising that many are overwhelmed. And while we’re all taught Math, Science, and many other subjects in school, there’s very little attention paid to how we can study better.

With that in mind, Pushpin launched Sketchofrenzy, a series of workshops that aimed to share fundamental note-taking strategies for more effective learning. In particular, we helped participants learn how to structure, process, and understand their notes better by teaching them all about visual note-taking!


Pushpin Co-founder Elbert Or discussing the benefits of visual communication in day to day scenarios.


Our first session was held last March 4 at Roots Katipunan where we taught our participants how to combine simple yet effective images with text to assist them in interpreting information more efficiently. One of our co-founders and Sketchofrenzy’s prime advocate Claudine Delfin delved into design topics such as: the power of using structures to help individuals see data, trends and patterns; common visual note systems to help form information hierarchies; basic drawing components to assist in simple illustrations; and visual notes life hacks to help students see the bigger picture.

Together with our partner Sharpie, who provided all of our art materials and surprised our participants with Sharpie freebies, Sketchofrenzy provided its participants with necessary tools and basic skills to help them remember and translate things easier, thereby creating information that sticks and making classroom learning a more fun experience in the long run!


Tools of the trade: our handy-dandy handouts with Sharpie’s Fine-Point markers make for some fun and productive learning!


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